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Avaunt Phone Solutions that Meet Your Needs

Consulting, implementation and support for your business phones.

Finding the right phone solutions is a growing part of Avaunt's business.

A good phone system can be a major business differentiator - and a poorly functioning one can chase customers and prospects away. Phone systems also impact employee morale.

Keep Connected with Your Customers and Prospects
Avaunt can assess your phone needs and provide and install a solution that is:

  • Affordable - low cost with no extra set-up, installation or maintenance charges; existing phone charges can often be reduced significantly

  • Easy to use - including an intuitive, user-friendly interface that integrates with your technology infrastructure

  • Reliable - hosted and maintained 24/7/365

  • Mobile - calls can be taken in other locations, via laptop or forwarded mobile device

  • Scalable - can be quickly and efficiently adjusted to meet business growth.
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