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Avaunt Support Center

Why Avaunt?

Avaunt Support Staff
We take care of technology so you can focus on your business.

Avaunt has a long and strong track record of delivering for clients with 25 years of experience, certified technicians, fast response, quality service, pro-active focus, Best IT practices approach and we are specialists in healthcare, legal, manufacturing
and finance IT.

Our Mission

Avaunt Technologies Mission Statement
Avaunt Technologies relentlessly improves

Our mission is simple: to provide the best service possible that fits your business needs and budget with no surprises.

Our Services

Avaunt Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services

Fast response, quality service by certified technicians 24/7. All for a flat monthly fee. read more


Avaunt IT Consulting
IT Consulting

Our business is to provide the best hardware, software, network, phone and other solutions to fit your needs. read more



Avaunt Phone and Office Solutions
Phone/Office Solutions

Phone systems are a critical link to customers and prospects. They need to work right all the time. And increasingly, they are linked to your IT infrastructure.
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Avaunt Business Continuity
Business Continuity

One of the most important things you can do today is have a business continuity plan. read more

Avaunt Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Gives you anytime, anywhere access from any device all for a flat monthly fee. Scalable, customizable, mobile and cost effective. read more

Avaunt IT Security
IT Security

The best IT systems start with strong security. Without it, everything is at risk. Avaunt has the expertise, experience, hardware, software and other resources to fit your security needs.read more


Avaunt Performance Audits
Performance Audits

Ask about our IT performance and security audits. A third party perspective by certified technicians working with multiple industries and solutions is invaluable.
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Hosting & Web Solutions

Avaunt provides secure and cost-effective hosting for your website and other web solutions.

Ask us today about how we can meet your hosting and web needs.

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Avaunt Email Continuity

Email is an extremely important conduit of business data and information.

Avaunt providing virtually uninterrupted access to email in the event of a mail server outage. The email continuity service is synchronized with your primary email system including contacts, calendars, distribution lists and global address lists.

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Site Security Camera Systems

Increase your on-site security with an Avaunt camera system

Ask us today for a free assessment of your site and needs.

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