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IT Security Takes Vigilance and Expertise

Protect your business and achieve your goals with our IT security solutions.

Avaunt Technologies specializes in the expert planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and management of complete security solutions. IT security is not something to "set and forget." It takes continual vigilance by certified technicians.

How IT security is handled is one of the most important decisions for businesses of any size today.

Avaunt can help you achieve the best possible IT security that fits your business and budget needs.

What You Can Get with Avaunt IT Security:

  • Continuity -- resilient technology that provide business stability and protection

  • Compliance -- with regulations and requirements that are specific to your industry and business needs

  • Assurance -- of a systems infrastructure that behaves predictably

  • Control -- hardware, software, network, processes, procedures and personnel to protect your data and network

  • Security -- confidential and secure exchange of data

IT Security Today

Multiple devices and operating systems in the workplace are creating more complex and challenging security issues.

Forbes, 2013: "It's much more likely that your business will fall prey to a cyber attack" than being involved in an auto accident.

Lloyd's of London's Risk Index Report for 2013 said cyber-security now ranks as the second highest of the eight top concerns for US business executives.

Data breaches are a continual threat regardless of where the data is stored